Catholic Gap Year


Here are answers to frequently asked questions

  • What is a “Gap Year?”

    A “gap year” is most commonly known as an extended break before, during or after post-secondary studies during an academic year. There are many reasons for taking a gap year from learning about yourself to travelling to volunteering.  Some of the top reasons are listed here.

  • Do students really benefit from taking a Gap Year?

    Yes! Everyone we know who has gone on a gap year has loved their experience, would do it again, and highly recommends others to take advantage of this time in their life to travel, grow, and go on mission.  Read more about the benefits of a gap year here, here, and here.

  • What is a Catholic Gap Year?

    A Catholic Gap Year is a gap year spent with a Catholic organization to serve others and grow in faith. Ultimately, it is a time to discover and become a missionary disciple.

  • What Catholic Gap Year programs are available?

    There are a variety of different gap years available, some focusing on discipleship formation and others on mission and serving the poor. Click here for some examples of gap year organizations the Archdiocese of Vancouver recommends.

  • How much will going on a Catholic Gap Year cost?

    It all depends. Some programs require quite a bit of funds to cover board and lodging and yet others will offer you a stipend. We offer a bursary to help you kick-start your fundraising, and can support and advocate for you as you seek to fundraise in your parish and network of friends.

  • When is the application deadline to join a Catholic Gap Year program?

    Every organization has a different deadline. It’s best to inquire from the organization directly.  Most have deadlines in the spring because most programs begin in the fall.

  • Can I join a program immediately after high school graduation?

    Why, yes! There are some programs where recent high school graduates can join, but many programs take in those with some post-secondary experience.  It’s best to speak with each organization regarding their requirements.

  • What happens to my status if I’m currently enrolled in post-secondary studies? Can I defer my acceptance?

    Each of the major post-secondary institutions in the Lower Mainland offer a no-penalty deferment options for students who have been accepted but wish to begin studies a semester or year later. Please contact your admissions officer or Academic Advisor for details.

  • I have some questions. Who can I talk about this?

    • We’d love to talk with you and help you figure out if taking a gap year is right for you! Email us at or call 604-683-0281 (ask for Louisa Gietz) to set up a phone call or sit-down meeting.
    • For detailed information about a particular organization please contact the organization directly.
    • For post-secondary status, please contact your intended or current institution’s Admissions office.